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Air Conditioning


Delaney Enterprises Inc.

Air Conditioning, Heating Repair, Service and Home Inspections

Providing the utmost in service aiding in the prevention of major breakdowns, conducting quality checks of your current system for wear or damage and updating components as needed. Prompt accurate diagnostics and repair of failed systems initiating a speedy recovery and control of the climate system.

Service and Repair

Service and Repair

Inspection of outdoor and indoor units including cleaning all components. Checking fan motors, fan blades, wiring, controls such as relays, circuit boards, capacitors, blower assembly, blower housing, blower wheel and motor in order to prevent future component failure. Repair or replacement of all necessary parts in the event of breakdown.

Home Inspections

Qualified Inspector Performance

Reporting on the home's electrical, interior plumbing, foundation, air and heating systems, roof, visible insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, and visible structure.